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An update from the Route du Nouveau Monde

Monday February 3rd 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
P ositions at 1500GMT

Pos Boat Skipper Latitude Longitude SOG COG
1 Sill Roland Jourdain 38 47.92' N 37 38.28' W 12.2 078
2 UUDS-Republique Dominicaine Miranda Merron 36 55.88' N 43 40.36' W 13.1 075
3 La Mie Caline Eric Dumont 37 02.08' N 45 52.84' W 12.6 049
4 Millimages-Gédéon Patrick Favre 32 33.60' N 53 08.04' W 8.1 117

Just over a week after leaving the Dominican Republic Roland Jourdain continues to lead the Route du Nouveau Monde as the four Open 60s taking part head towards the first waypoint at the Azores. Inevitably the Azores high pressure is sticking resolutely to its position which will make for a painfully slow ride but will allow Miranda Merron - who has overtaken Eric Dumont - to possibly claw back some miles on Sill, albeit temporily.

Whoever came up with the bright idea of a waypoint in the middle of the Azores (the island of San Miguel) should be shot...

Miranda Merron reports from on board UUDS:

Wet and wild, screaming along on a beam reach, boat lurching over the waves, loads of spray pouring over the deck, and all this at a permanent 30+ angle of heel. Ideal conditions for going fast in the right direction, less ideal for a comfortable Sunday at sea.

Lots of indoor yachting today. A few thoughts from Jan on his first transatlantic jaunt - he's enjoying the environment out here in the middle of the ocean, running off the power of the wind, while at the same time having access to technology which gives us weather
information, grib files etc (the internet, marvellous invention).

However it's getting a bit monotonous since the autopilot is driving, and the wind is steady, so not much to do, but gives everyone a rest. IF you can sleep through the noise...

Well, there's over 30 kts breeze, 13-16 knots boatspeed, can't complain too much as only 1000 miles to the Azores waypoint (where there is no wind at all).

Lesson of the day: soak freeze-dried chili con carne before attempting to eat. We didn't. Yummy.

UUDS-Republica Dominicana-El Mangu

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