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Slow progress for front runners in the SAP Cape-Rio race

Friday January 17th 2003, Author: Ronelda Visser, Location: Transoceanic
The smallest boat in the fleet is heading for the halfway mark between Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro and with 1784 miles to go, Gawie Fagan’s Suidoos 2 should reach it later today. After covering only 76 miles during the last 24-hour reporting period, she still holds onto the top spot for handicap honours in the mono-hull class.

Gauteng-based Baleka has moved into second spot on handicap and skipper Alex Schon is using his inland, light wind experience to good effect. Konica/Mallinicks Indaba is in third place

The boats that have taken a more northerly route appears to be catching better breezes, except for the Swedish trimaran Nicator who managed a distance of 314 miles at an average speed of 13 knots while heading towards the center of the high pressure system. Skipper Klabbe Nylöf reported earlier today that they were doing a brisk 20 knots and are heading straight for Isla de Trinidade.

The Brazilian catamaran Adrenalina Pura is leading the second fleet with only 2081 miles to go to the Carnival City. The 65-foot carbon catamaran designed by Nigel Irens was custom-built for owner George Ehrensperger by a group of New Zealand boatbuilders, which he flew to his island.

The Rally fleet appears to be having a ding-dong battle and Cuming Thru leads the six boats, followed by yesterday's leader Inyoni, Aquila and Nauty 40s. Progress in this fleet is slow and those who have already used a substantial portion of their 200 mile motoring allowance will be wondering about making it to the finish by the cut-off time on February 5th.


Handicap position, yacht, skipper, latitude, longitude, distance from Cape Town, distance to Rio, distance past 24 hour, ave speed.
1. SUIDOOS 2,Gawie Fagan,23.2.0S,11.39.0W,1707,1784,75.8,3.16
2. BALEKA,Alex Schon,26.42.0S,2.42.0E,920,2583,145.7,6.07
3. KONICA/MALLINICKS,INDABA,John Levin,21.49.0S,10.2.0W,1667,1869,115.3,4.80
4. INVESTEC,J McGraw/S Cumming,23.20.0S,3.24.0E,1012,2614,151.6,6.32
5. MADAME PAZZAZZ,M Skeen/G Hewitt,26.32.0S,4.20.0E,853,2670,131.2,5.47
6. BARRACUDA,Nicola Amundsen,25.56.0S,5.5.0E,841,2708,138.1,5.75
7. DALYS INSURANCE,Mike Daly,23.40.0S,1.34.0E,1076,2513,169.8,7.08
8. VCR 90.6 FM,G Boshoff/H Karolus,27.39.0S,4.38.0E,803,2691,117.1,4.88
9. HELSAL II,Bill Rawson,23.13.0S,1.23.0E,1101,2503,170.4,7.10
10. INSPIA,Derek Shuttleworth,26.15.0S,3.20.0E,907,2615,148.8,6.20
11. FASCINATION OF POWER,John Martin,27.10.0S,3.22.0E,875,2621,106.5,4.44
12. AUTO ATLANTIC T/Child,R&G Goldswain,22.48.0S,1.51.0E,1097,2529,161.0,6.71
13. 34 SOUTH @ KNYSNA,Theo Beens,26.35.0S,5.9.0E,815,2714,118.5,4.94
14. JULIE III,Robin Green,22.27.0S,7.12.0W,1513,2028,64.2,2.68
15. DIEL,Bernhard Diebold,25.32.0S,3.14.0E,936,2607,144.8,6.03
16. MORNING GLORY,Hasso Plattner,21.29.0S,1.55.0W,1308,2322,128.2,5.34
17. SCORPIO,H Oliphant/J Dickson,27.7.0S,4.31.0E,825,2682,118.9,4.95
18. BIG REEF,Brian Sutherland,25.46.0S,6.37.0E,784,2790,138.0,5.75
19. SAFARI - CTW,David Tideswell,26.8.0S,6.38.0W,1378,2082,138.1,5.75
20. MADIBA RACING TEAM,22.32.0S,5.30.0E,964,2731,152.3,6.35
21. FTI FLYER,Keith Mattison,25.4.0S,3.54.0W,1277,2219,65.2,2.72
22. LOVE LIFE,Marion Cole,26.26.0S,7.55.0E,705,2862,130.0,5.42
23. MAIDEN,Terry Nielsen,24.10.0S,8.41.0E,775,2903,147.7,6.15


1. ADRENALINA PURA,G Ehrensperger,20.5.0S,6.19.0W,1554,2081,231.3,9.64
2. NICATOR,Klas Nylof,26.55.0S,5.47.0W,1317,2136,314.2,13.09

1. CUMIN THRU,Alexander Smith,25.20.0S,3.14.0W,1238,2257,178.7,7.45
2. INYONI,HI Ferreira,24.36.0S,3.51.0W,1289,2219,51.6,2.15
3. AQUILA,Jon Thurlow,22.9.0S,6.2.0W,1469,2092,70.5,2.94
4. NAUTY 40S,Falk Graser,24.23.0S,4.13.0W,1313,2198,58.0,2.42
5. ACALANTIS,M Tattavitto,26.4.0S,4.5.0W,1257,2217,127.1,5.30
6. ALBACORE,Grant Saunders,25.59.0S,2.26.0W,1181,2304,111.6,4.65

FORSDICKS BMW,M Avelino/H Dopke,27.22.0S,5.29.0E,774,2735,118.2,4.93

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