Long Range Rescue

Storms in the Western Approaches claim another casualty

Wednesday May 22nd 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
Operating at the extreme limit of their endurance, the crew of a USAF Pavelow helicopter this morning lifted two crew members from the yacht Persuader some 400 miles west of Lands End. Persuader's problems began yesterday afternoon when she lost her rig in rough weather.

An initial message was received at the MRCC in Falmouth at 15.20 yesterday afternoon via an emergency beacon alert. Persuader indicated that two crew members were seriously hurt with one suspected broken rib and possible other fractures.

Though significantly beyond the range of the normal Coastguard rescue helicopters, Persuader was within range of a USAF Pavelow helicopter operating from RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire. Refuelling enroute, the Pavelow picked up the two crew members at 08.15 this morning and was at the time of writing returning to RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall. Persuader's intentions are currently not known.

Better know by her previous name, Persuader was in an earlier life Adam Gosling's Swan 651 Yes. Normally regarded as hugely seaworthy, it is something of a surprise to see such a substantial yacht adding to the already long toll of casualties amongst those returning from the Caribbean for the European summer season.

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