First female winners

Pia L'Obry and Liz Wardley take line honours in final leg of Mini class' Demi-Cle
Pia L'Obry and Liz Wardley on Morph'Eau Zut alors! A female duo winning a race in the Mini Open 6.50 offshore skiff class, the domain normally of roughty toughty Vendee Globe wannabes? Such a happening came to pass last night when Swedish sailor Pia L'Obry and Australian former Amer Too bowwoman Liz Wardley cruised across the Lorient finish line to take first place in the offshore leg down from Baltimore in southern Ireland and second overall in the Mini class' Demi Cle race. madfor sailing believes it to be the first occasion there has ever been a female winner in a Mini race. Liz Wardley (left) described how they had fared: "It was upwind up to Fastnet and we were doing all right at the start and then we lost the plot a bit in the current and ended up out the back door and we managed to catch up to about fourth by the time we got to the Rock. Then it was chute up and we basically didn't take it down for 48 hours! "The first afternoon it seemed that everyone was going to head out to sea and keep going and we did the same and then in the morning All Mer, the boat which was leading the regatta, we saw them gybe in, so we gybed in with them and basically we just covered them for the rest of the way. We couldn't hear any of the position reports so we didn't know where any of the other boats were. We thought we were both out the back door. Then we came across the finish line and it was like 'well done!'" The girls arrived last night at 10.30pm. All Mer, the leading boat overall, sailed by Frédéric Duthil et Cédric Gourmelen, arrived 1.5 hours later. "When it