Stamm does it again

The Swiss skipper caught up with The Daily Sail after his first luncheon ashore
Swiss Open 60 skipper Bernard Stamm once again sailed a near perfect race to take line honours on Around Alone's third leg between Cape Town and Tauranga. It is now three out of three for Stamm in this race, but as previous singlehanded round the world events have proved it is still far too early to assume with two legs remaining, that Stamm has Around Alone in the bag. Disaster nearly struck Stamm on the approach to the finish line as he sailed his Bobst Group-Armor Lux into the teeth of a gale. "It was very rough, but it was very difficult for the ship after 7,000 miles when we had to tack in the strong wind – it was very bad," he told The Daily Sail after he'd hoovered down his first square meal in 25 days, following his arrival. "I got some delamination on the front of the ship, just from yesterday," Stamm contined. "It was not very serious, but we’ve got quite a lot of work to fix it." The delamination was caused by the beamy Open 60 pounding into the waves. "They were very high and short waves, it was a ship attacker!" More of an immediate problem was when in the big conditions the boat's steering mechanism broke. Bobst Group-Armor Lux has twin rudders, but a single tiller. As the photo below shows, the tiller attaches to a stock with the quadrant at its base. From here two bars attach the quadrant to the rudders, while the autopilot ram is also attached to the quadrant. Stamm said the attachment to the hull below the quadrant had broken and the stock had started to come away from the hull. He had managed to repair it, but later the attachment between the tiller at the top of