Heading for Hobart

Another change for plans for Jean-Luc van den Heede

Tuesday January 14th 2003, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

It's decided: I know where I'm going: Hobart (position: 43°S/148°30’E) in the south of Tasmania.

Afterwards, I'll set off again perhaps to go to Australia or New Zealand but better rigged than with a spinnaker boom!

Two reasons for my decision: Don and Margie MacIntyre are there, friends that I've known since the BOC Challenge 86 and who, with their 36m boat intended for the Antarctic will be able to tow me the last few miles and arrange some facilities for me there for afterwards.

Secondly, it is the nearest large port to where I am. Furthermore, I'm very gradually getting closer as very soon, I hope, I'll be crossing 51°S.

After a northeasterly this morning (I was to the south of a depression) I am now making good headway towards my destination. Provided it lasts a while!

Until tomorrow

Position at 12H : 51°14’S / 138°28’E
Wind 35N. de WSW. Temperature day 13° / night 6° / water 6°.
Hobart at 642 naut. miles cap39°

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