Lining up for the fast lane

A slow day for Olivier de Kersauson's Geronimo - but ideal conditions are on their way.

Thursday January 23rd 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Above - showing Geronimo 'absorbed' by the St Helena high with the large depression to the south west

It has been a 'slow' day for Olivier de Kersauson's Geronimo today - just 252 miles, about half her yesterday's tally, as she continues to head on her southeasterly course towards the Southern Ocean.

The big trimaran has encountered light winds associated with the South Atlantic high. However de Kersauson seems to be playing the longer picture as these light conditions will be short lived. As forecast for the last few days a large depression is currently to the southwest of them and currently centred at 45degS this looks set travel in a course just west of south - which, conveniently, is about the same course de Kersauson will want to head as he continues his descent into the high latitudes.

The depression will bring with it strong northerlies and enabling Geronimo to pick up her heels. The charts show the centre of the depression to be moving at roughly 620 miles per day. As de Kersauson will be unlikely to want to press these speeds out of Geronimo at this stage, the depression is likely to slowly overhaul them.

If the forecasts are correct Geronimo will start to feel the wind building later tomorrow

Day 11 Position 24hr distance Av speed
Geronimo 33°27S 22°45W 459nm 19.11
Orange 25°48S 33°41W 252nm 10.51

Geronimo's position at 15:00 GMT today (16:00 local time): 34°07S, 19°23W
Distance travelled in 12 hours : 176 nautical miles
Average speed over the last 12 hours: 14.63 knots

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