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Brad van Liew demolishes class 2 in Around Alone

Thursday January 16th 2003, Author: Mary Ambler, Location: Transoceanic
It’s three in a row for American skipper Brad van Liew as he crossed the Tauranga finish line at 15:05:56 local time (02:05:56 GMT) aboard his rocket-ship Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America at the end of Around Alone's leg three.

The third skipper to arrive in one day, the jovial American skipper was welcomed by Emma Richards and Bruce Schwab, both still in their sea-boots, and sprayed Mumm Champagne over his two sailing companions from the last few days, as well as the general public from Tauranga.

After a slightly delayed start out of Cape Town, when a problem with his sails caused him to miss the start, Brad wasted no time making up the gap and soon moved into the lead of his class and stayed there. From then on he gradually extended until he ended the leg just over 1,000nm ahead of his nearest rival Tim Kent on Everest Horizontal who has yet to round Cape Reinga. At one point his was ahead of Emma Richards and Bruce Schwab.

However the leg was not without its dangers or surprises, notably a collision with a massive sunfish and a brush with a whale, let alone some of the trickiest sailing ever through the Tasman Sea and approaches to Tauranga. On his arrival Van Liew revealed the secret of success: “I have a fantastic boat, a fantastic team and a fantastic sponsor – if anyone wants to try to beat me you are going to have to fight hard as it takes that much to win. During this leg I decided that if it were healthy for the boat and for me, then we would push, if it were not, then we wouldn’t push. I’ve set out to win the race, not the legs, and so far it’s like three of the five pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have fit perfectly in place."

Leg 3 Provisional Rankings – Class 1
1. Bobst Group-Armor Lux finished at 22:24:43 GMT 8th JAN 03 after 25 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes, 43 seconds
2. Solidaires finished at 09:03:54 GMT 9th JAN 03 after 26 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes, 6 seconds
3. Hexagon finished at 06:38:18 GMT 14th JAN 03 after 30 days, 20 hours, 38 minutes, 18 seconds
4. Tiscali finished at 16:30:19 GMT 14th JAN 03 after 31 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes, 19 seconds
5. Ocean Planet finished at 21:17:22 15th JAN 03 after 32 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes, 22 seconds
6. Pindar finished at 23:51:12 GMT 15th JAN 03 after 32 days, 13 hours, 51 minutes, 12 seconds

Leg 3 Provisional Rankings – Class 2
1. Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America finished at 02:05:56 GMT 16th JAN 03 after 32 days, 16 hours, 5 minutes, 56 seconds

Class 2
Boat Lat Lon AvgBsp AvgHeading DTF
2. Everest Horizontal, 41 29.780 S, 162 48.100 E, 70.37 nm, 8.81 kt, 38 °T, 921.42 nm
3. Spirit of Canada, 40 51.540 S, 160 47.700 E, 60.07 nm, 7.51 kt, 43 °T, 972.61 nm
4. Spirit of yukoh, 43 21.900 S, 157 42.520 E, 59.38 nm, 7.43 kt, 34 °T, 1169.30 nm
5. BTC Velocity, 43 58.220 S, 144 25.000 E, 31.01 nm, 3.87 kt, 81 °T, 1714.20 nm

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