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Tim Kent searching the oceans for Everest Horizontal

Monday June 30th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
9:00 AM local time

We just received a call from Tim.  It was not the call that we were expecting this morning. He is back at the dock without Everest Horizontal. The boat is still missing at sea after another 14 hours of searching with known coordinates yesterday, Sunday.

Here are the details from the weekend. Tim left the dock in Bermuda on Friday at 6:00 PM. Tim and the recovery vessel arrived in the approximate location, but could not find Everest. While they did not see the boat a familiar vessel did in fact spot it; the Nordic Empress, the same cruise ship that rescued Tim and Rick last week, again spotted
Everest. The ship recorded exact coordinates and reported them to Tim. Some of the details are a bit sketchy, but our understanding is that within an hour of the report, Tim was at the site, but Everest was not to be found. The conditions were not good; dark, foggy, bumping seas. Unfortunately, due to low fuel levels, they could not continue
the search and Tim had to return to the docks in Bermuda.

They refueled and again headed out at 6:00 PM on Saturday. They headed to the exact location where the boat was seen on Friday night. The conditions were perfect; calm seas, sunning sky, no wind, excellent visibility. They searched a grid pattern for over 14 hours, considering drift, conditions, etc. Despite knowing the exact coordinates and the perfect conditions, still no Everest. 

At this point, Tim is headed to the Bermuda airport to visit the private pilot/plane office.  It was Alan's idea to head over there and "beg" for a private pilot and family that may be leaving or coming in today to divert course and see if they can spot the boat. As we
mentioned previously, the plane situation in Bermuda is interesting. There are only jets that are either commercial or privately owned. Bermuda is an expensive island and is frequented by many wealthy vacationers who come in on their own jets with their own pilots.  Perhaps there is a chance that someone would do this. 

If we again get a sighting of the boat, it will be necessary and worthwhile to go out once more. The issue with the recovery boat is that like planes, it is difficult to find an appropriate one out of Bermuda.  We opted to go with a lower cost option out of necessity, which is slowing the effort down and does not have a professional staff. It is not the best overall option, but one which worked for the moment and the crew was willing to head out. The original vessel remains a potential, but their cost is firm at $15,000 for a one day search and recover mission.  Everest Horizontal simply does not have those funds available.

We will hear from Tim again today and will let you know of his options and decisions made toward the rescue of Everest Horizontal. The never-say-die attitude prevalent throughout the Around Alone race is alive and well. This will have a happy ending.

The Shore Crew

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