From on board Kingfisher2

Media man Andrew Preece and watch leader Guillermo Altadill gives their views
Andrew Preece reports from on board Kingfisher2 Today has been a day of action. At around 0800 the ‘all hands’ call came from the deck watch to help get the big gennaker down; there was a small tear in the tack and our sailmaker Bruno Dubois wanted to fix it before it had a chance to spread. While Neal McDonald dialled the boat down in around 20 knots of wind, every other crew member except Hendo on the halyard dived for the foot at the edge of the boat to bring the beast under control. We wrestled it down, took ten minutes attaching sticky Kevlar to the small wound and then it was all hands to the halyard to pull it back up. Within 15 minutes we were back up to over 20 knots. For me that was followed by an interesting breakfast: yesterday I missed the porridge and settled for muesli scrapings with powdered chocolate Nesquik and water. Today Ellen was kind enough to put some porridge aside for me in my bowl. Unfortunately, last night I had given the remnants of my cod stew to Nigel (who has started loitering in the galley at the end of mealtimes to finish off anything that anyone leaves). He ate the cod stew but I think he only gave the bowl a cursory rinse. Cod stew flavoured porridge is not the greatest thing to wake up to but I ate it all! The next thing that happens is a burning smell starts pervading the starboard hull. A sprint to the galley revealed nothing but soon we worked out it was coming out of the back beam. A trip across the net and I find Ronny and Jason upended in the generator compartment. For a while we couldn’t identify the cause until we saw sparks