A bumpy night for VDH

As Adrienne forges down the south Atlantic

Friday November 29th 2002, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

Progress hasn't been wonderful today. After yesterday's depression, the wind deserted me completely during the evening.

As the sea was well-formed, I won't tell you just how much Adrien was thrown about. This game lasted all night with a little breeze coming up from one direction and then dropping... then from another... Each time I said to myself "Ah! It's coming back" and as soon as I thought I could relax it dropped again or veered!

After this little game, when the breeze came back gently with the dawn, I quietly had my breakfast and began a little siesta. Then, when I had just been in touch with Pierre Lasnier [VDH's weather adviser], the wind went from 5 to 30 knots within a few seconds. Time enough to knock Adrien off the wind and the genoa sheet didn't stand up to this brutal attack.

All is back in order now. The wind has returned to normal. Like Philippe [Monnet] who had the same problem of lack of wind in the same area, I shall have to make up the 11 hours that I have lost!

Until tomorrow

Position at 14 h: 33°04’S /48°01’W
Wind North 22 knots. Temperature: day 26°C/ night 18°C/water 20°C
DIST. 24 h: 136 naut miles
Advance on Monnet 2 days 16 hours
Lemaire - 1501 naut. miles.

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