Karen Hodges diary

An unsuccessful week for Karen as she battles to leave Harwich opn her round Britain tour
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, well actually it's been a pretty horrendous start. It's mostly down to the lack of experience I have in sailing my little boat. My brain does the nav as if I'm sailing a 38 footer which can be sailed 30 degrees to the wind. I can't do that I have found out!! On Saturday 8th June I was due to leave, mid-day so that family and friends could see me off. I was just going to pop round the corner to the Walton backwaters to properly sort my self out. The knot in my stomach had grown to epic proportions and my legs and arms were shaking. As everyone stood on the pontoon ready to wave me off after a year of planning and dreaming of this adventure I just wanted to run for the hills. I went though the motions sorting Loon out ready to go, plugged in the auto pilot - nothing? In the 48 hours before the off my battery had decided better of the adventure and had died. A reading of 7v, dead and not coming back I'm told. I'm not sure I was very good at hiding the relief. I had timed my departure leaving it to the last minute before the tide would turn and I would struggle out of Harwich. By the time I have found a replacement battery it will be to late to try and make the Backwaters so I should just go with my family to pizza hut!!! Crippling knot in stomach abated. Next day up to listen to the forecast - SW 4-5. It took 4 hours of serious beating to clear Harwich, I knew I wouldn't make Brightlingsea before dark to I tried to tack in to the backwaters. I