HSH Nordbank and UCA at the start on Saturday

HSH Nordbank and UCA at the start on Saturday

Former Morning Glory retires

Mast damage causes German maxi boat leader to pull out

Tuesday June 24th 2003, Author: Dana Paxton, Location: Transoceanic
HSH Nordbank, one of the five yachts to start in Class II on June 21, has retired from the DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge due to equipment failure. "The decision was executed on June 23 at 0010 (UTC), at position 38°30'N/65°57' W," reported Erik von Krause, the yacht’s navigator. At the time of the incident, HSH Nordbank was ahead of its Class II compatriots Zephyrus V and UCA by 30 nm.

During a routine spinnaker set, HSH Nordbank’s spinnaker pole fitting failed, causing damage to the mast of the 78-foot Reichel/Pugh sloop formerly known as Morning Glory. Crewmembers determined that the damage to the mast was extensive enough not to continue the roughly 3,000 miles remaining in this race across the Atlantic and turned back to Newport. They are expected to arrive sometime today.

Onboard the Dutch yacht Zwerver, the crew continued their progress and filed this report:

"Les extrèmes se touchent - this morning at 6 AM we were surfing in a 30-35 knot breeze, and Michel obliterated all records with a staggering 16.5 knots boatspeed - I honestly did not know you could do this with Zwerver. We needed two at the helm, seated on opposite sides of the tiller, one to pull for going down, the other to pull for going up. The waves were 6-10 feet high (or something like it - it was rather dark) the spray was warm, the situation just under control, and the thrill tangible. Michel started to talk to the tiller as if he was riding a high performance stallion, and Philippe's staccato "Caramba!" came in molto allegretto."

The yacht D’Accord, owned by Rolf Erben of Germany, reported to race headquarters that the boat’s rudder had broken. All crew are unharmed and they have retired from the race. They will continue to Europe with an emergency rudder.

Anny, the Baltic 87 from Germany, has also retired from the race due to a malfunction in the propeller. Anny will continue either to the Azores or to Lisbon, Portugal.

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