The storm begins

Jean-Luc van den Heede reports from on board Adrien, mid-Southern ocean

Monday January 6th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
The storm has just started. The waves are very high and I have already had a few breakers which have cleaned the deck and filled the cockpit. In these conditions everything has to be stowed carefully away. The halyards on the winches at the foot of the mast are attached so that they do not come out of the self-tailing. The cordage is coiled in its bags.

During last storm, the sea managed to jam the unused genoa sheet under the spare battens and rail which are fixed forward on the bulwark. It was impossible to get it out, I had to dismantle and lift everything up!

The force of waves is incredible.

Night is falling for me now and Adrien under staysail and 3 reefs is waiting for the front to pass. The wind will then turn SSW. I hope that the sea will not be too disorganised.
Apart from that everything is fine even if living conditions in this weather are difficult.

Until tomorrow

D+64. Position at 14H : 54°52’S / 134°02’E
Wind 45N. WNW. Temperature day 10°/ night 4° / water 3,7°
Distance run in 24H : 219M. Advance on Monnet 18 days 3 heures.
Distance to Cap des Aiguilles : 4883 naut. miles.

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