Panther's progress

madforsailing talks to an unusually sheepish Rob Greenhalgh about the Tour Voile
It was all looking so good. A two boat training programme. A cool name. Winning the pre-race. Mutterings of following in the footsteps of Adrian Stead and the all-conquering Barlo Plastics team from 2000. And so perhaps it is not surprising that there should be a slight feeling of disappointment that golden boy Rob Greenhalgh's Panther-Team GBR crew should not be more regularly taking the docklines for their French and Swiss competitors. Currently the 'pro' British team is lying seventh overall in a fleet of 40 (including amateur and student boats) with 1101 points while the race leaders are up in the 1270s. Speaking to skipper Rob Greenhalgh (right) in Sete last night one gets the impression he is simultaneously disappointed not to be 'doing an Ado' while talking up their performance so far. Thankfully today's results for the inshore races held off the Mediterranean port have been better. "We had an 11th and a sixth today. It was a pretty good day all round. It was pretty classic 5-8 knot Mediterranean weather. Very hot. Generally the guys you expect to see do alright in the Med did alright. Some at the top didn't do so well. We generally held our own or did better than holding our own. So we've come out of today happy. We've pulled up on the guys in front of us. One guy behind us pulled up on us." Greenhalgh says their aim was and still is to get into the top five. "We're certainly in a position where we can get up to sixth after tomorrow and then up to fifth after that hopefully. We can get into the top five and that's what we're looking to do. The top five being fifth or fourth, fourth if we do really well. We shouldn't