Red dots = Kingfisher2, red square = Geronimo, red X = Orange (image courtesy of Raymarine)

Red dots = Kingfisher2, red square = Geronimo, red X = Orange (image courtesy of Raymarine)


Ellen MacArthur reports from on board Kingfisher2 deep in the Southern Ocean

Saturday February 22nd 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Day 23 Position 24hr run Av speed Rel position
Kingfisher2 50°25S 52°06E 353nm 14.71 +163nm
Geronimo 50°20S 83°12E 550nm 22.92 +1314nm
Orange 42°24S 53°31E 307nm 12.78 -

Boat speed: 15 knots
Course: 094deg

Ellen writes from on board: Another clear night under the cloudless southern ocean sky... It seems odd not to see the clouds here. The Southern Ocean for most people is an ocean of clouds, gales and just occassional patches of clear sky which make this
place on of the most beautiful in the world.

But for us we have been spoilt - spoilt with so many days of blue skies - but frustrated by the lack of breeze at what seems like every corner we turn.

The daggerbaord repair - though just four hours in time has cost us dearly. As we are still looking at the same NW winds to our east which we should be rocketing along in.. But there is no point on looking at things which may have happened - we must focus on what is imminent and CAN happen,and try to use each shift to our advantage.

Anyway - morale is good, this sure is a beautifulplace to sail. Seeing the islands yestrday was fairly ectiting for everyone, and the thought of getting moving again in the next 24 hours is the biggest motivation in itself... We need a low to sit on or flat sea to go reaching in and we'll be off - our fingers though a little cold now are firmly crossed.

Andrew Preece writes: This could be what Neal would concede is our first proper Southern Ocean kicking about to take place. The wind is forecast to move into the north later today and build to around 40 knots as it swings back to north west. If that proves to be the case the next 12 hours will be 4degC water fire-hydrant territory which will be cold but quick after which we should be able to set the storm spinnaker and make some miles. We are all looking forward to it with a combination of impatience to get the high speeds pumping again but trepidation at the thought of how miserable life will very
soon become.

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