VDH endures another storm

As crippled yacht heads for Hobart

Sunday January 19th 2003, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

On Friday I was 501 naut. miles from my destination but today it is down to 300 miles and practically 3 degrees farther north. The storm that I have just been through was strong and as a consequence the sea was rough. It was violent but I kept my spinnaker boom and my staysail. At times Adrien was travelling at 7 knots!

Since everything seemed to be holding ... I left it. It is incredible that the little spinnaker boom held while in less wind, less sea and with just the mainsail with 3 reefs in it extra to that the mast came down...

I am beginning to discuss towing Adrien with Don MacIntyre... I made a little mistake on Friday; I mentioned Kessel and his book "Fortune carrée". Contrary to what I said, the "Fortune Carrée" is a sail. It is a square sail, a gaffsail, which fills when the wind is astern and which was used to help stabilise old fashioned sailing ships. On the "Etoile" and the "Belle Poule", the French Navy's schooners, the gaffsail is below the topsail, held below it by two small spars.

I didn't know that Kessel also wrote about sailing ships!
Until tomorrow

Position at 12H : 47°40’S / 145° 05’ E
Wind 15N. de SW. Temperature: day 15°/ night 8°/ water 8,9°.
Hobart at 300 naut. miles cap 19°

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