Kingfisher2 departure in the balance

Necessary high pressure system not lining up as was hoped

Friday January 24th 2003, Author: Offshore Challenges, Location: Transoceanic
Following a weather briefing with Kingfisher2's German weather router, Dr Meeno Schrader, Ellen MacArthur this morning confirmed that the probability of her attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy starting early next week, as had been hoped, has lessened from 70% yesterday to 50% today.

It is now in the balance whether the window of opportunity will remain although the crew are expected still to return to Lorient.

"We haven't given up on this weather window - far from it," said MacArthur. "But looking at the weather models this morning we can see the High Pressure is moving further north and this is not so good for us."

The anticyclonic zone needed to create the northerly air flow to propel Kingfisher2 south was identified early this week but now shows signs of going further north. This would result in the wind coming from a more westerly direction and looking further ahead may bring very light winds west of Gibraltar.

Standby mode is still AMBER and MacArthur and her crew are still hoping the weather window will hold but the decision to go will be delayed for another 24-36 hours.

Pressure chart for Tuesday, 28 Jan

Pressure chart for Wednesday, 29 Jan showing the high extending north

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