djuice on the loose

Going light seems to have paid off for Knut Frostad's team

Sunday June 9th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Scandinavia
Positions at 1209GMT
Pos Name Lat Long DTF DTL CMG SMG
1 djuice 54 47.96N 010 48.76E 37 0 191 6.8
2 illbruck 54 51.44N 010 50.72E 40 3 191 4.9
3 Assa Abloy 54 55.16N 010 55.32E 45 8 181 6
4 Amer One 54 58.76N 010 54.52E 48 11 192 9
5 Amer Too 54 58.40N 010 55.92E 48 11 188 9.8
6 SEB 55 11.92N 010 58.56E 61 24 190 8.5
7 News Corp 55 17.40N 010 59.40E 66 29 192 6.9
8 Tyco 55 17.72N 010 59.88E 67 30 194 6.6

Cruising down through Denmark the Volvo Ocean Race has an unexpected leader in the form of the Knut Frostad's djuice. A resounding seventh for most of the Volvo Ocean Race, aside from the lottery finish into Rio that saw them pull off a second, the Norwegian team made the call to go light for this leg, a technique that seems to have paid off.

This morning they were passing Langeland, the Danish island just 40 miles from the finish line in Kiel and were just 0.3 nautical mile from the shore with about 10m of water under the boat. While the forecasts have shown 0-5 knot winds for today, the dragons have picked up a fresh easterly breeze of around 11 knots, accelerating the pink boat to 10 knots. In this stable reaching conditions with the long island of Langeland covering one side of the course, it should be straightforward for the dragons - led again on this leg by Team New Zealander Erle Williams - to hang on to their lead.

Illbruck is still holding second place and is on course for overall victory although ASSA ABLOY are five miles astern in third. Still they are fighting to take the lead from djuice and be first home in their team's home country.

With Tyco and News Corp down the pan Amer Sports One is looking quite comfortable for a third place overall finish in the Volvo Ocean Race, although this morning they recaptured fourth place from Lisa McDonald's team on Amer Sports Too. If the girls finish anywhere other than last it will be considered a coup.

This morning in the light breeze here in Kiel, the race committee shortened course by 9 miles, removing a triangle section of the course at its conclusion. Their ETA in Kiel is around 1600GMT. The yachts will now sail directly from Kiel Lighthouse to the finish line here at Bluecherbrucke in the centre of Kiel.

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