In a distinct break with tradition the Route du Rhum has its first ever monohull overall leader

Wednesday November 20th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic

It is just past sunrise and I am eyeing up a large squall to windward, wondering
whether to use the wind off it, or gybe away. As it's daylight, I can
see where the wind starts.

During the night it's much harder. Last night we were heading on course for Guadeloupe when a squall monster enveloped us. I furled the gennaker and waited, two hours later we were still in it, but every time I tried to gybe, the wind shifted again.

So I waited.. and fell asleep. When I woke up, there was not a cloud in sight, gybed over and off we went. Getting way too tired. I spent part of yesterday afternoon trying to find the problem in the magic box that does all the video transmission, with the help of the technician in Paris. Eventually found the blown fuse, and was therefore able to do the video link.

Not before I had to call back several times to ask basic questions like how to break into the magic box itself.

And all this in French. Rumour has it that the video stuff might be shown on Thalassa (France) on Friday.

Back to the present -the squall provided some great breeze, sending us in the right direction. The first flying fish made its presence known by smacking hard into the mainsail about 3 metres up. Can't be very good for it. Must get back to driving.

Miranda/ UUDS
23 57N 28 09W

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