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Kingfisher2 creeps out of the Doldrums

Saturday February 8th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Day 9 0700 Position 24hr distance Av speed
Kingfisher2 05°46S 28°46W 357 14.88
Geronimo 14°18S 32°34W 399 16.61
Orange 06°32S 27°41W 396 16.52

Av/Max boat speed in last hour: 12.44 / 18.8 knots
Av/Max wind speed in last hour: 11.69 / 15.7 knots
Wind direction: 160deg

This morning Kingfisher2 is approaching the latitude of Recife and is still slightly behind Orange's record. Offshore Challenge estimate Ellen is 3 hours 21 minutes behind Orange's time and 28 hours 2 minutes behind Geronimo. With relatively light conditions forecast prospects are also not looking good for a vast improvement over the next few days.

Ellen wrote from on board: This morning after our little ceremony with Andrew and Kevin the wind miraculously came back... now we are sailing on a course slightly to the west of south. I cannot say how wonderful it feels to have the sound of water rushing past me in the nav station. The night is wonderful, bright stars and a clear sky. Everyone seems quite upbeat - and I managed to spend some time on deck with each of the watches tonight which was great.

The weather situation before us is nothing short of shocking with little to no identification of 'normal systems', which is keeping myself as well as Meeno Schrader our shore-based weather router on our toes. Right now, the door is not open [to cut the corner to Cape Town] - in fact the door is not even there to be shut! Now about to sleep, after once again a night with just under 2 hours so far! At least the temperature is slowly dropping - still in shorts though!

CREW MEMBER FOCUS: Nigel King (UK) - Trimmer

Nigel King (33) recruited as a boat builder for the Assa Abloy syndicate for the last Volvo Ocean Race then got the opportunity he wanted - to race. Nigel competed on board Team News Corp from Leg 4 (Auckland-Rio) onwards including the Southern Ocean and transatlantic leg. He had already raced transatlantic before on board Mike Golding's Open 60 Ecover against Kingfisher in the EDS Atlantic Challenge.

Nigel is also an experienced dinghy boat sailor and did two Soling Olympic campaigns. The opportunity to race on board Kingfisher2 was an invitation he didn't need twice: "Getting the chance to race on a big multi non-stop round the world and perhaps (all going well) the opportunity to sit back to say you've done it - will be just great," said Nigel. For me, being the new boy, its about doing my job 100%. If I am doing that then I may focus on other things - like beating the record!"

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