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News from the solo non-stop round the world E-W record attempt

Friday November 22nd 2002, Author: Jean-Luc van den Heede, Location: Transoceanic

First of all "good luck" to Yves who must be dying with fright before his show about Nougaro this evening and tomorrow in Nantes. Those from the great evening on 12th October certainly remember him!

I am still in the SE trades which have unfortunately turned a little to the east and weakened which means that my average will be reduced a little bit. But everything is still going well enough.

I have only one problem which has occupied me since the day before yesterday. I am trying to send a photo to shore and I can't manage it. You have to be able to sail, but for ocean racing you must also know how to handle plenty of strange pieces of equipment: Standard C which you use for writing, Iridium with which I have just left a message for the town of Amiens, and standard B which I haven't managed to succeed with as yet.

Obviously B and C each have their computer and sometimes I end up envying Moitessier and his catapult. But that is when it doesn't work. When it does work I find it very exciting to know that all this technology means that those who want to can closely follow my adventure!

Until Sunday

Position at 14 h : 15°34’S 34°54’W
Wind: 18Kt from ESE.
Temperature Day 30°C Night 19°C .
DIST covered in 24h: 280 naut. miles
1 day 13H ahead of P. Monnet.
Dist. to Lemaire 2759 naut. miles.

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