Emma and Miranda reveal all

Amer Sports Too's new recruits are eager and apprehensive about setting sail in the Volvo Ocean Race
Lisa's new girls - Emma Richards (left) and Miranda Merron It's not an easy task, jumping onto a boat you've never sailed before, with a crew you don't know very well, and heading straight out into the Southern Ocean. It's high expectation all round for Miranda Merron and Emma Richards, the two new recruits onboard Nautor Challenges' Amer Sports Too in the Volvo Ocean Race. Miranda Merron "I have taken on a very big job I think. I have navigated for double handed races before and the odd trans Atlantic, but never for this many people on a team. The level of navigation and skill within the fleet is incredibly high and I couldn't possibly think that I could be anywhere close to that. I am also not that familiar with navigating within the southern hemisphere - my speciality is the north Atlantic - so I've got rather a lot to learn. "It's very much like being back at school. Not only do I have to remember that systems go the other way round in the southern hemisphere which is not too difficult, but it's learning all the systems that these boats use and all the routing programmes that we use, some of which I am familiar with already, and some of which is totally new to me. I'm very looking forward to it; it's quite a challenge. "When there are only two of you on board you take decisions together, one person will look at the weather maps and when there is a watch changeover, you look at them together and discuss situations. Another advantage is that we are quite often entitled to weather routing in those races, which helps us out a bit. But at the end of the day, there are only two of you. You are skipper and co-skipper