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As Clipper Round the World Race reaches Shanghai

Wednesday March 19th 2003, Author: Loretta Spridgeon, Location: Transoceanic
Glasgow Clipper has won the 925-mile Yokohama to Shanghai race, the seventh contest of the 16-race Clipper 2002 round the world series. The Glasgow yacht charged across the finishing line to the east of Shanghai at 04:08 GMT today, Wednesday 19 March (12:08 local time).

Glasgow Clipper achieved a 20-mile lead over the chasing boats on the beat through the volcanic islands on the SW tip of the Japanese mainland. A determined crew, led by Rupert Parkhouse, refused to let this advantage go as they surged across the bottom of the Yellow Sea making good speed with a fresh northerly wind.

Glasgow's first victory will be well received within the fleet and even more so by the crew's many followers and the city of Glasgow, which has been a strong supporter of their yacht in both this race and the Clipper 2000 race. So many times in the 2002 and previous races, Glasgow Clipper has been on the pace only to drop back at the finish, making this win especially rewarding for both skipper and crew.

Simon Rowell skippered Jersey Clipper across the finish line less than 2 hours after Glasgow at 06:01 GMT. Shortly after crossing the line, Simon commented: "Tired but happy, crew dead chuffed and being suitably silly on deck - HURRAH!"

London Clipper then finished at 06:51 GMT and the skipper, Rory Gillard, contacted Race Control via satellite phone to express the great feeling on board at finishing in a well-deserved 3rd place.

Adam Kyffin and the crew aboard Liverpool Clipper have taken fourth place, managing to hold off a strong challenge from Richard Butler's Bristol team. They crossed the Shanghai finish line at 07:26 GMT and 08:02 GMT respectively, just 36 minutes separating the two.

There will now be much waiting around and the crews will not be able to enjoy the shore life until Friday evening. Firstly the frontrunners will have to wait for the other Clippers to arrive - they only have themselves to blame for this - and then the Chinese pilots who will escort the fleet as a whole up the Yangtze River.

The Clipper fleet will proceed up the river to meet a pilot at 05:00 local time on Friday morning (21:00 GMT on Thursday, 20 March). They then have about a 10-hour passage up the river, but more of that later!

03:00, 19 March 2003

Pos Yacht Distance to Race 7 Finish
1 Glasgow Finished 04:08 GMT 19th March
2 Jersey Finished 06:01 GMT 19th March
3 London Finished 06:51 GMT 19th March
4 Liverpool Finished 07:26 GMT 19th March
5 Bristol Finished 08:02 GMT 19th March
6 Hong Kong 56.80 nautical miles
7 Cape Town 61.50
8 New York 154.65

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