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Dismasted French round the worlder heads for Tasmania

Friday January 17th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic

I am still drifting and have lost another 15 miles to the south. I am impatiently waiting for the front which should not be very far away and for the change in the wind which will allow me to set off again.

Unfortunately Pierre Lasnier has told me to expect very strong winds with gusts at 65 knots... a bit much for my spinnaker boom. Luckily, Don MacIntyre is going to come and find me or I should miss Tasmania for sure.

Drifting, without manoeuvring, means that life is a bit monotonous. I am reading a great deal rocked by the waves which sometimes break over the deck. Tomorrow I shall start "Fortune carrée" by Joseph Kessel. It has nothing to do with "fortunes carrées" (which is also a term used in French for the sails on square-rigged ships!) but I like Kessel a great deal.

Until Sunday

Position at 12H : 50°31’S / 143°10’E
Wind 45N. de NNW. Temperature day 14° / night 8° / water 8,8°.
Hobart 501 miles, course 025°

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