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Fossett and his depart on their anticlockwise loop of the British Isles

Sunday October 20th 2002, Author: Stuart Radnofsky, Location: United Kingdom
Skipper Steve Fossett and his multinational crew aboard the 125ft maxi-catamaran PlayStation began their Round Britain and Ireland record attempt this afternoon at 1538.39 GMT (1638.39 BST) at Ramsgate Harbour - at the start line established for them by the Royal Temple Yacht Club.

The start was timed by Jane Smith, Chief Starter of the Club who commented: "It is freezing cold and blustery here - with a 22 knot easterly wind. They crossed the line making 25 kts - just as it was starting to rain. Fantastic… a wonderful sight." The start line was between the Port of Ramsgate and Gull Buoy, 2.5 miles offshore.

If Fossett and the PlayStation team are successful in breaking the existing record of 4 days 17 hours 4 mins, 23 secs, the team will cross this same line sometime on Thursday, October 24th.

PlayStation's entire record complement of 14 is:

Steve Fossett (USA) Skipper / Watch Captain
Chris Tibbs (England) Navigator
David Scully (USA) Watch Captain
Gino Morrelli (USA) Watch Captain
Quentin Dimmer (Scotland) Crew
Mitch Booth (Australia) Crew
Mikaela (Miki) Von Koskull (Finland)
Howie Hamiln (USA) Crew
Simon Cotter (Eire) Crew
Mark Featherstone (England) Crew
Richard James (Australia) Crew
Nick Leggatt (South Africa) Crew
David Thomson (England) Crew
Fraser Brown (NZ) Crew

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