Tomorrow the Equator

Orange still making fast progress towards northern hemisphere

Tuesday April 23rd 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
Nick Moloney reports from on board Orange

Smoking along in the high 20s boat speed, just on dusk, we hit something beneath the water. Everything seems to be okay. It was dinner time so everybody was on hand to check the boat. The water is still very clear so we could see the daggerboards and rudders very clearly and there was no apparent damage. We think it was a large fish.

Currently doing 23kts towards the Equator though the wind is unstable. Last night we went through a succession of sail changes. One minute completely over powered the next searching for boat speed in light shifty winds. We have been bouncing our way through some rain clouds that has kept us in wet weather clothing but the temperature is now very warm.

We have a blow up globe kicking around inside the port hull which JB has been updating our position on. I remember how much it meant to me in the Whitbread to sail every stage. To sail every mile around the world. Its really something special to be able to look at a globe or map of the world and think to yourself 'I've sailed the whole way round that sucker'. Blows me away every time.

Well it's another GLORIOUS day on board Orange and I'm going to take a little time out, sit on the bow sprit as we blast around this beautiful blue marble. Listen to a mini disk and just take in the surroundings, the clouds, the sea the waves and watch as Orange's bows rip through the miles towards the finish.

Yeah, great living.

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