New Year's Day...asleep

Why is Jean-Luc van den Heede heading south?

Wednesday January 1st 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Another good day again which for me is already over.

The year couldn't have started better with wind on the quarter and Adrien under the Pierrick Taffet asymmetric heavy spinnaker making 12/13 knots without effort. As a result I have gained another day on Philippe Monnet.

Quite a number of web surfers have asked me why I am going back south. First of all it is an area which isn't sprinkled with icebergs like the 130°W region towards the Ross Sea. No Vendée Globe competitors have ever seen icebergs in this area when they passed at 57/58°S. Then, in view of the curvature of the earth, the further south I am, the shorter the distance. (It is for this reason that my distance to Cape Agulhas decreases as I go south). Finally, the farther south I am, the more chance I have of slipping below a depression, as is happening at this very moment. I did not do this in the Pacific because of the ice.

I have mainly spent my New Year’s Day… sleeping. I must have needed it and I must have frequently reached phases of paradoxical sleep because I dreamed a great deal, which I rarely remember doing.

In short both boat and sailor have been pepped up for the Indian Ocean!

Until tomorrow JL VDH

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