Solitaire bound

Katie Miller
James Boyd Photography /
Katie Miller
This week Katie Miller heads to France to embark on her Figaro campaign
Britain looks set to have an unprecedented three entries in this year’s Solitaire du Figaro in Nigel King, Artemis' Jonny Malbon (who has been training in the south of France over the winter) and latest recruit, Katie Miller. Sponsored by bluQube, Katie Miller, 22, has owned her 32ft Figaro Beneteau 2 for two years, having acquired from OC the boat Sam Davies once campaigned as Skandia. Last year she competed in the OSTAR finishing ninth and this year she will embark on her Figaro campaign proper, this week taking her boat down to St Gilles in France to begin training, an experience similar to leaving home for the first term of boarding school. When we caught up with her last weekend, Miller said she has been busy over the last few days bringing her Figaro 2 back into class. This mostly involved changes to the electronics, replacing Raymarine kit with the class required NKE. “Sam [Davies] came down to the boat. She was in the UK, so I could ask her ‘what’s this bit for’? It was nice to have her cast her eye over it. She told me all the bits she took off when she sold the boat!” Although it is close to the Beneteau factory where her Figaro 2 was constructed, St Gilles Croix de Vie is an unusual place to be basing oneself. However in recent years it has played host to La Solitaire and according to Miller the Figaro training base in La Rochelle (which Nigel King has used previously) is moving up there. “There is supposed to be a new school opening there this year, but it is a bit slow to start off. There are a few guys down there who have said they’ll train together there before the Solitaire in July. Sam [Davies] was saying that