Groupama 3's long way around

Groupama 3 crew begin their celebrations
Yvan Zedda / Groupama
Groupama 3 crew begin their celebrations
Navigator Stan Honey reflects on the big green trimaran's brand new Jules Verne Trophy record
There are a few sore heads in Brest this morning, following Groupama 3 setting a new Jules Verne Trophy record time of 48 days 7 hours and 44 minutes on Saturday night, their triumphant arrival back into the northwest France port yesterday morning and the substantial party laid on for the team at the Incidences loft last night. One of the proudest to have been part of Franck Cammas’ team on this historic Jules Verne Trophy record is her American navigator, Stan Honey. Honey is famous for having sailed on ABN AMRO One when it won the 2005-6 Volvo Ocean Race, but before that was also Steve Fossett’s principle navigator on PlayStation/Cheyenne. This occasion was Honey’s fourth stab at sailing round the world non-stop on a big multihull. He was on board PlayStation for The Race in 2001, (when they were forced to retire). For Fossett’s non-stop round the world record, the start date drifted on too much and Honey had to miss it due to Pyewacket commitments, handing over to Adrienne Cahalan. Then finally there was Groupama 3’s aborted attempt last autumn. An unusual feature of the Groupama and Banque Populaire maxi-trimaran crew line-ups is that the only non-French on board (or Franco-Swiss) are the navigators - Pascal Bidegorry having Marcel van Trieste in that spot. Honey is a little hesitant as to why this might be: “It could be because the approach Marcel and I use for navigation is a very intensive one - we both come from a Volvo background where the assumption is that you exhaustively optimise, whereas the French approach, because of their background in shorthanded sailing, they have to take more of a triage approach to it, where you come up with a really good answer with a small percentage of the effort because they are not