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Actual relaunched

Yves le Blevec's Multi50 tri back in the water following her Transat Jacques Vabre pitchpole

Friday April 16th 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: France

Following her pitchpole in last autumn’s Transat Jacques Vabre, Yves le Blevec’s Multi50 trimaran Actual is back in commission, relaunched earlier this week in Lorient.

Over the winter Actual has been back in the boat shed at Nicolas Groleau’s yard, JPS Production repairing damage to the bow sustained during the pitchpole. Meanwhile Le Blevec has been working with designer Guillaume Verdier to establish the cause of the pitchpole and to make the boat more reliable. Lorima has constructed a new carbon fibre rotating wingmast for the boat while the Incidences sail loft in La Rochelle have been developing a new sail wardrobe and Lucas Montagne of Seanergie has been recommissioning the electronics.

The Actual shore crew have been working on ways to make the trimaran more powerful. They have been supplemented with new recruit Ronan Deshaye as project manager. An engineer Deshaye has competed in two Mini Transats and will help with the technical innovation of the boat. His arrival will allow le Blevec to concentrate on the sailing and performance side of the project.

Over the next few weeks le Blevec, winner of the 2007 Mini Transat and previously Orange 2’s boat captain, will carry out test sails on board his Guillaume Verdier-designed trimaran, before her first competitive outing this year from Thursday 29 April at the Grand de Douarnanez.

2010 will be a full year for Actual and her skipper, all of it in preparation for the big event of the season – the Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale starting on 31 October. However for one month this summer Actual will be competing in the novel Multi50 event from St Gilles Croix de Vie to St Petersburg in Russia.

Actual 2010 program:
Défi Petit Navire – 29 April-2 May
Tour de Belle-Ile – 8 May
St Gilles Croix de Vie - St Petersbourg 16 May to 8 June
Trophée Prince de Bretagne – 23-25 July
Trophée Port Médoc – 6-8 August
Trophée de Fécamp – 3-5 September
Route du Rhum start - 31 October

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