Joerg Riechers first home in Mini Pavois

Boats arrive in Gijon after brutal first leg from La Rochelle

Thursday May 6th 2010, Author: Pierrick Garenne, Location: none selected

Jörg Riechers (753 - was first home on the first leg of the the Mini Pavois, covering the 245 miles in one day four hours three minutes and 10 seconds at an average speed of 8.73 knots. Nicolas Boidevezi (719 - Défi G.D.E) finished second while third was the 'new kid' in the class Thomas Normand (787 – Financière de l’échiquier) - a great achievement for him!

“I’m very happy with this victory," said Riechers. "It’s always nice to win a leg on the Mini Pavois! The forecast was very rough in the afternoon in the Bay of Biscay. There were gusts at 30/32 knots. In the beginning I was sailing with my code 5 then I have put my genaker, but it was not very wise from me... I almost did not sleep and I had to helm all the time. The last two hours when I was approaching Gijon were very difficult for me because there was no wind… Lots of wind then nothing; it is a very hard situation for the nerves! 20 minutes after the mark I had a rudder blade problem and I had to repair it with broken ropes… But I am satisfied because it did not fail!”

Nicolas Boidevezi (719 – Groupe GDE) added: “I am just falling apart right now… This first leg was extreme! It started very badly when I lost my halyard in the mast after the mark. I was very upset! There was this quite strong North stream when we left the sluice. You needed to have a strong stomach! It was a crazy never-ending tack… The wind... It blew at 28 knots… I gave all I had until I decided to change my course. I had my small spinnaker all the time. I was confident because of the experience I had from last year, so I gave it all. On the other hand, I was over-confident with the forecast and I ended in the West out of the course. And I had to tack and tack since 8 am this morning under the cliff… It was a little hard for my nerves but still… I’m happy. Happy because it was difficult for me in the beginning and the beginning of the season was hard too… I was not feeling great. And now I do!

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