184 Bermuda bound today

Speedboat to lead the charge in the Newport-Bermuda Race

Friday June 18th 2010, Author: John Rousmaniere, Location: United States

A good wind is predicted for the early stages of the 47th Newport Bermuda Race, which starts Friday off Newport, R.I.

The 184-boat fleet is the third largest in the race’s 104-year history. Nearly 2,000 sailors will compete. The course runs 635 miles from the mouth of Narragansett Bay into the Atlantic Ocean and across the Gulf Stream to the finish line off St. David’s Head, Bermuda. The race should take two to three days for the largest boats, over 80 feet long, and four to six days for the smallest ones of 33 to 40 feet.

“We expect a fine afternoon sea breeze of 10 to 15 knots to get the boats out into the Atlantic,” said Bjorn Johnson, Chairman of the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee. “It may get lighter as the boats sail out into the Atlantic, but there will be a strong favorable current in a Gulf Stream meander carrying the boats toward Bermuda.”

The thousands of spectators at the start will include Bermuda’s Governor, Sir Richard Gozney, and Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown. When the first starting gun is fired at 2 p.m. EDT, the two officials will be looking on from a motor yacht with Commodore Sheila McCurdy of the Cruising Club of America and Commodore Peter Shrubb of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the race’s two sponsors.

The 184-boat fleet is divided into five divisions whose final standings will be determined by factoring handicaps into the boat’s elapsed times. The largest with 103 boats is the St. David’s Lighthouse Division for predominately amateur racing crews. If the two-time defending champion, Peter S. Rebovich’s Sinn Fein, wins her third straight St. David’s Lighthouse Trophy, she will tie a record set in 1954-60 by Carleton Mitchell’s Finisterre.

The Cruiser Division is the second largest with 39 boats. Its winner will receive a prize carrying Mitchell’s and Finisterre’s names. Professional racing crews compete in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division (13 boats) for a trophy named for Bermuda’s tallest lighthouse. Three boats with cant keels and other innovations will race in the Open Division for the Royal Mail Trophy.

There also is the 26-entry Double-Handed Division for boats sailed by just two sailors. They sail for the Phillip S. Weld Prize and Moxie Prizes. In addition, the top boat in the IRC rule standings will receive the North Rock Beacon Trophy.

The five divisions are broken down into a total of 16 classes, determined by the boats’ size and type.

The race for first to finish will very likely be between the largest boats in the fleet, the 99ft Speedboat in the Open Division and the 90ft Rambler in the Gibbs Hill Division. Meanwhile Ken Read's Puma Ocean Racing is using the race as training for the Volvo Ocean Race.

"I did my first Bermuda race when I was 17, so I think that puts my count up to 12 of these races (?!?). This is an ocean racing classic," said Read. "I remember the good old days where I used to be a bit nervous heading out into the ocean and the great unknown." After sailing around the world, the Bermuda Race is still a great adventure, but a little different now. "This is really just a bit more than a day race for us", said Read. "The boat is fast and we're pushing to get down to the finish as quick as possible."

For Puma, the Bermuda Race is a great opportunity to test the crew, boat, sails and all the little parts and pieces. "We still have il mostro and we're going to get as much as we can out of the old girl. Our team has a schedule throughout the summer that includes everything we want to work on." Read went on to explain, "Putting ourselves in a racing situation is key. Simply testing the boat has a whole different mentality- there is a lack of tension onboard, but when you're race-testing it's just a whole different feeling onboard. Even though this isn't a high pressure event for us, racing brings out different reactions, adds the element of intensity, and make the crew push the boat a bit harder. I'm a big promoter of doing as much race-testing as we can."

Compared to the NYYC Regatta the team expects to be a bit more competitive during the Bermuda Race. "In this race, we're sailing under the ORR handicap system so the fact that we're not racing against any other Volvo 70s really is not a huge factor. What that means is that all the boats with canting keels (all three of us) are in the same division. We'll be calling ourselves the bizarre and abnormal division."

Looking at the forecast, it's very light air- unfortunately. So the record of getting down to Bermuda in 48 hours will mostly likely stay in tact, it's highly unlikely anyone will beat that time with the forecast right now. Read and navigator Tom Addis are expecting the race will take us about 30% longer- so il mostro will finish around mid-day on Monday.

Entries by length: 

Boat Type Class Skipper
SPEEDBOAT  Maxi  Open  Alex Jackson 
RAMBLER  Ctm 90  GHL  George David 
GENUINE RISK  Dubois 90  Open  Mark E / USMMA Watson III 
ANGEL  Ctm 84  CD  Edward T. Anderson 
NIRVANA  Maxi 80  CD  Charles F Kiefer III 
BEAU GESTE  Farr 80  GHL  Karl Kwok 
LILLA  CNB 76  CD  Simon M. De Pietro 
TITAN 15  ctm75  GHL  Tom Hill, Mr. 
VELA VELOCE  Southern Cross  GHL  Richard H Oland 
RAN  JV 72  GHL  Niklas Zennstrom 
DONNYBROOK  Ctm Sloop  SDL  James P. Muldoon 
WHISKEY GIRL  Hinckley 70  CD  Michael McAllister 
ILMOSTRO  VOR70  Open  Ken Read 
DENALI  Nelson Marek 70  SDL  Michael A. D'Amelio 
GRACIE  Ctm 69  SDL  Stephan A. & Simon W Frank 
BELLA MENTE  Mini Maxi  GHL  Hap Fauth 
AURORA  Reichel/Pugh 66  SDL  Gus Carlson 
BRAND NEW DAY  J-65  SDL  James C. Madden 
MISCHIEVOUS  Ctm 65  SDL  Albert J. Fitzgibbons 
VANQUISH  STP 65  SDL  Rego / Riker Lucas / USMMA 
SCEPTRED ISLE  Ctm 63  CD  Rex G. Herbert 
WINDWALKER II  Lyman Morse 60  CD  Daniel Levangie 
CAPTIVITY  Farr 60  GHL  Samuel T. Byrne 
HOUND  Ctm 60  SDL  Eberhart Frank 
KODIAK  Swan 601  SDL  E. Llwyd Ecclestone 
CETACEA  Hinckley 59  CD  Christopher J. Culver 
ECLIPSE  Hinckley 59  CD  Barbara & Robert Cavanagh 
MERLIN  Swan57  SDL  John H Duerden 
ZWERVER  S&S 57' Berm Cut  SDL  Frans van Schaik 
CLOVER III  Swan 56  CD  Neal F. Finnegan 
NOVA  Swan 56  CD  Mark DiStefano 
NOONMARK VI  Swan 56  GHL  Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy 
FLYING GOOSE  Ctm 56  SDL  Daniel C. van Starrenburg 
STARLIGHT  Simonis Voogd 56  SDL  Michael Dybvik 
WHITE RHINO  Swan 56  SDL  Todd Stuart 
HAERLEM  Swan 55  CD  Hendrikus (Henk) P L Wisker 
RIMA2  R/P 55  GHL  John Brim 
SFORZANDO  Ker 55  SDL  Clayton G. Deutsch 
ATALANTA  Little Harbor 54  CD  James F. Volkwein 
MISTY  Little Harbor 54  CD  Eric G. Thorkilsen 
FOX  Swan 53  CD  Ruth M. Pecherek 
BACCI  Swan 53  SDL  Lorenzo Vascotto 
RELATIVITY  Beneteau 53F5  SDL  Hall Palmer 
I'LL THINK ABOUT IT  Beneteau 523  CD  Marc Tandourjian 
ISOLA  Baltic 52  CD  Howard M. Eisenberg 
CATAPULT RACING  SouthernCross 52  GHL  Marc Glimcher 
NATALIE J  TP52  GHL  Philip D. O'Niel III, D.D.S. 
BOMBARDINO  Santa Cruz 52  SDL  James W. Sykes 
INVICTUS  TP52  SDL  US Naval Academy 
MAGIC  Santa Cruz 52  SDL  Kenneth Laudon 
BLUE  C&C 51xl  CD  Dan Epstein 
DELAWANA  Swan 51  DH  Hans F. Himmelman 
KIVA  Hinkley SW51CB  DH  Mark Stevens 
STAR CHASER  Swan 51  SDL  Wijnand (Boogie) van den Boogaard 
CADENCE  Apogee 50  CD  R. David Warters 
HOI AN  Custom 50  GHL  Heilner Marc 
SNOW LION  Ker 50  GHL  Lawrence S. Huntington 
SIR EDMUND  Ctm 49  DH  Fredrick R. Holt 
MANANA  Swan 48  CD  Michhael V. Johnson 
RESTIVE  Alden48 Ctm  CD  George P Denny III 
DAWN TREADER  Swan 48 MK II  DH  Lawrence G. Cohen 
WHISPER  Hinckley 48  DH  Thomas J. Vander Salm 
CARINA  CTM 48  SDL  Rives Potts 
WHISPER  Canning 48  SDL  Sheldon Brotman 
DOGSLED  Kaufman 47  SDL  Todd F. Barnard 
GREY MATTER  Hanse 470e  SDL  Brian R. Parselle 
REINDEER  Morris 47  SDL  Peter/Tony Driscoll/Parker 
PLUM CRAZY  Sabre MK II  DH  Michael R. Berg 
SEABISCUIT  J-46  DH  Nathan C. Owen 
BABE  Swan 46  SDL  Colin E. Couper MD 
TIGER  Swan 46  SDL  Thomas & Nancy Grieb 
VORTICES  J 145  SDL  Christopher L Saxton 
BLUEBIRD  Migrant 45 Ketch  CD  Harry Bird 
FREEDOM  Sabre 452  CD  Cary W. Thomson 
LAURA B  Island Packet 45  CD  Joseph R. Triggs, Jr. 
TEMPTRESS  IMX-45  CD  Arent H Kits van Heyningen 
NEXT BOAT  Morris 45  DH  Mark Ellman 
BEAUSOLEIL  Beneteau 456SD  SDL  Richard A Parent 
CYBELE  IMX-45  SDL  Richard M. Burnes, Jr 
TEMPTATION  Taylor 45  SDL  Arthur & Peter Santry 
XCELSIOR  IMX-45  SDL  Alice O. Martin 
BONSPIEL  Nordic 44  CD  James J. Richter 
CHECKMATE  Alden44  CD  Frank J. Flores 
NOSTOS  Alden 44  CD  Lorenzo D. Weisman 
PILGRIM  Alden 44  CD  Mark Rice 
AKUBRA  J44  SDL  Reginald H. Goodday Dr. 
ARBELLA  First 44.7  SDL  James P. Shaughnesy 
BEAGLE  J-44  SDL  Philip H. Gutin 
CHARLIE V  J-44  SDL  Norman H. Schulman MD 
CILISTA  J-130  SDL  Jeffrey L. Eberle 
CYGNETTE  Swan 441  SDL  William J. Mayer 
GLORY  J-44  SDL  Jack Neades/ USCGA 
GOLD DIGGER  J-44  SDL  James D. Bishop 
JACKNIFE  J-133  SDL  Andrew Hall 
RESOLUTE  J-44 WK  SDL  Fred Madeira 
RUNAWAY  J-44  SDL  Lawrence R. Glenn 
SIRENA BELLA  J44  SDL  Joe Murli 
SIRENSONG  J-133  SDL  Thomas J Carroll 
SLIDE RULE  First 44.7  SDL  Scott Bearse 
SWIFT  Navy 44 MK1  SDL  US Naval Academy 
TRIPLE LINDY  Swan 44 MK II  SDL  Joseph Mele 
VALKYRIE  First 44.7  SDL  David Andril 
VAMP  J-44  SDL  Leonard J. Sitar 
XENOPHON  Swan 44 MKII  SDL  Jeffrey V. Rabuffo, MD 
BERMUDA OYSTER  Oyster 435  CD  Paul B. Hubbard 
CONVERGENCE  Jeanneau 43 DS  CD  James Linsley 
LIBERTY CALL  HR 43  CD  Matthew G. Pilon 
OCEAN WANDERER1  Montivideo 43  DH  Erwin Wanderer 
AKELA III  Swan 43  SDL  Djoerd Hoekstra 
HIRO MARU  Swan 43 Classic  SDL  Hiroshi Nakajima 
MOJOE  Peterson 43  SDL  Joseph M. Naroski 
ATTITUDE  Beneteau 423  CD  Shawn Dahlen 
POESKE  First 42  CD  Richard Donn 
CORDELIA  Valiant 42  DH  Roy F. Greenwald 
AMIGO VI  J-42  SDL  Bernie P. Coyne 
BARLEYCORN  NYYC Swan 42  SDL  Brendan J. Brownyard 
BIG BOOTY  Lutra 42  SDL  Patrick Eudy 
CONVICTUS MAXIMUS  Farr IRC 42  SDL  Donald W. Nicholson 
DOLPHIN  J-42  SDL  Henry S. Morgan 
FINESSE  J-42  SDL  Newton P.S. Merrill 
JACQUELINE IV  Hinckley SW42  SDL  Robert S. Forman, Jr 
JADE  J-42  SDL  Robert W. Thuss, Jr. 
MORGAN OF MARIETTA  Centurion 42  SDL  Colin G Golder 
TRUE  J-42 (mod)  SDL  Howard B. Hodgson, Jr. 
ZEST  Hinckley SW42  SDL  Brian E. Swiggett 
ALIBI  J-120  DH  Gardner L. Grant, Jr. 
DIRIGO  C&C 41  DH  Eric M. Johnson 
MIREILLE  J-120  DH  Edwin Gaynor 
AURORA  Tartan 41  SDL  Andrew F. Kallfelz 
AVENIR  C&C 41  SDL  Joseph T. Murray 
HIGH NOON  Tripp 41  SDL  Colin Rath 
NASTY MEDICINE  Corby 41.5  SDL  Stephen J. Sherwin MD 
REGATTA  CARTER41  SDL  Constantine G. Koste 
SARAH  X-41  SDL  Gregory B. Manning 
EAGLE  J-40  CD  Dana Oviatt 
SHEARWATER  Morris 40  CD  Conrad Hall 
BOLANDS MILL  Class 40  DH  John Ryan 
CUTLASS  Class 40  DH  Alex / Nick Mehran / Halmos 
DRAGON  Class 40  DH  Michael S. Hennessy 
HERON  J-120  DH  Greg R. Leonard 
KAMOA'E  Class 40  DH  Eric Lecoq 
RESOLUTE  J/122  DH  D. Scott Miller 
TOOTHFACE  Akilaria Class40  DH  Michael W. Dreese 
ACTAEA  Hinckley B40  SDL  Michael M. Cone 
AMADEUS  IMX-40  SDL  Jack R. Yaissle 
AMERICAN GIRL  King 40  SDL  Daniel Galyon 
AVRA  J/120 Mod  SDL  George Petrides 
BELLE AURORE  Cal 40  SDL  R Douglas Jurrius 
GONE WITH THE WIND  Cal 40  SDL  William M. LeRoy 
LAPIN  Benn Frst 40.7  SDL  Christopher Clark 
MISTY  J-40 WK  SDL  Fred A. Allardyce 
RAINMAKER  Swan40  SDL  Kenneth P. Hylwa Mr. 
ROCKET SCIENCE  J-120  SDL  Rick F. Oricchio 
SHINNECOCK  J-120  SDL  James C. Praley 
SINN FEIN  Cal 40  SDL  Peter S. Rebovich, Sr. 
TERRAPIN  Beneteau 40.7  SDL  Jonathan Litt 
THEJACKAL  Beneteau 40.7  SDL  John DeFilippo 
WINDBORN  J-120  SDL  Richard W. Born 
SHINDIG  Pearson 39-2  CD  Kevin G. Flannery 
FEARLESS  Farr 395 OD  SDL  Shaun J. Ensor 
HAKUNA MATATA  Cal 39  SDL  Christopher J. Andrews 
UPGRADE  Farr 395  SDL  Peter Gibbons-Neff 
WESTRAY  Concordia 39  SDL  John D. Melvin 
ESMERALDE  Sabre 386  DH  Bruce R. Beard, Jr. 
BUZZ  Sydney 38  SDL  Richard E. Stevenson, Jr 
GREYGHOST  Zaal 38  SDL  Philip W. Parish 
LINDY  Peterson 38  SDL  David G. Dickerson 
RAGANA  Cape Fear 38R  SDL  Darius Peleda 
SPIRIT  Baltic 38DP  SDL  A. John Gregg 
WAZIMO  Aerodyne 38  SDL  W. Barrett Holby, Jr. 
AVATAR  Ranger 37  CD  Janusz Kedzierski 
RUTAINE  C&C 37/40+  CD  David P. McLoughlin 
LORA ANN  Express 37  DH  Richard T. du Moulin 
KALEVALA II  Grand Soleil 37  SDL  Tapio O. Saavalainen 
THREEBEANS  Santa Cruz 37  SDL  Christopher Rosow 
CHOUCAS  Jeanneau SF36  DH  Frederic Cosandey 
APSARA  J-109  SDL  Mike Sleightholme 
FROLIC  Sabre 362  SDL  Peter G. Brown 
GREAT SCOT  J-35  DH  Darren T Garnier 
PALADIN  J-35  DH  Jason A Richter 
KILLUA  Aphrodite 101  DH  James G. Binch 
SAILOR BANDIDO  Quest 33  SDL  Christopher A. Palabrica 
KALUE  Wooden Ketch  CD  Rudy Schreiber 


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