Alex Thomson back to the UK

Recovery from appendectomy continues for the Hugo Boss skipper

Tuesday January 4th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: Spain

Today Alex Thomson was ready to take the next step to recover a week after his emergency appendectomy last week in Barcelona. He will be travelling home to the UK today to finish his recuperation, and begin his ‘race to the race’ all over again.

Thomson underwent surgery just 48 hours before the start of the Barcelona World Race on 31 December, when with the majority backing of his fellow IMOCA skippers, it was deemed that Hugo Boss would be allowed to start the race with the team’s substitute skipper, Wouter Verbraak on board, enabling Thomson to join the boat after he is declared medically fit to sail.

The Alex Thomson Racing Team convened in Barcelona to ensure that a plan to get Alex back on the boat was put in place. A recovery team consisting of his sports physio, nutritionist, physical trainer and sports psychologist is ready and waiting for him in the UK, tasked with getting him fit and well to begin the race. The whole process is being overseen by the team’s doctor, the renowned offshore racing medic Dr Spike Briggs from Medical Support Offshore (MSOS) in the UK, who are also medical advisors to the Volvo Ocean Race.

Thomson said, “I am really pleased with my progress so far, I have had an operation but I feel very positive, I have had the best medical care possible here in Barcelona, and have a team back in the UK whom I know and trust and will give me every possible chance to be back in the race again”

The rule dictates that Alex must be medically assessed within 10 days of the race start, and the date and place at which he will join his boat Hugo Boss will then be agreed with the race organisation together with the medical team.

Stewart Hosford, the ATR Team Director who announced the team’s plan of action said, “Alex now goes back to the UK where the recovery team are on standby, he is feeling stronger every day and we are very confident he will be able to join the boat. We will agree a plan with the race organisation and choose a location as soon as we can. The most obvious options will be the Cape Verdes or the Fernando de Noronha Islands off Brazil”

The race is now on for Thomson to join his boat fit and healthy and ready to take on his second Barcelona World Race.

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