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Mirabaud makes port

Dominique Wavre and Michelle Paret's IMOCA 60 arrived in Mar del Plata under jury rig

Saturday March 19th 2011, Author: Bernard Schopfer, Location: Argentina

Mirabaud, campaigned by Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret in the Barcelona World Race arrived in Mar del Plata at 1600 GMT today. The pair coaxed their damage yacht into port under jury rig following their dismasting on 12 March.

In good health (despite the recent anaemia suffered by Michèle Paret which requires further medical examination) the co-skippers were warmly welcomed by a small delegation of friends, journalists, members of their shore team and Mirabaud’s local South American contacts.

“Clearly we are very disappointed to return to terra firma under jury rig, instead of making it home to Barcelona under sail,” commented Dominique Wavre. “But we’re glad to have made it in safely and we are really touched by the support we have received from the Argentinian authorities, the army and the Mar del Plata Yacht Club. We have also received numerous messages of support over the last few days and we’d like to sincerely thank all our friends and supporters for their help. Finally, I’d like to thank Mirabaud, who gave us incredible support during both Michèle’s health problems and the dismasting."

At the time of losing their mast, Mirabaud was positioned 650 miles east of the Argentinian coast and 450 nautical miles north of the Falkland’s Islands. The pair were in a close sixth place and battling for a podium position. Paret’s health problems had rapidly improved after they rounded Cape Horn and the boat was in good shape and ready for the final push to the finish.

“Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret handled this crisis with incredible reactivity,” commented Antonio Palma, Associate and CEO of Mirabaud. “It’s often at the most difficult moments that real strength of character and clear-thinking truly come to the fore and Dominique and Michèle are proof of this.”

Dominique Wavre and Michèle Paret will now take a well-earned rest while Mirabaud will return to Europe via cargo ship.

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