Six sold. Eight by the end of the year

Yvan Zedda / Multi One Design
MOD Executive Director Franck David brings us up to speed on boat sales and race plans
While all eyes are on the new Multi One Design 70 trimaran herself, this is but the first step in what remains a lengthy road for the Swiss-born class. Steve Ravussin’s Race For Water is merely the first boat of a production run that will culminate in the launch of 12 boats, with companies across France and Switzerland tied up for the next two years supplying hulls, crossbeams, masts, foils, etc – no small operation. To date four teams have been announced, but six MOD70s have been sold: No2, due for launch in June will be Roland Jourdain’s Veolia Environnement No3 ready in August will be Michel Desjoyeaux’s Foncia No4 coming on line in October is the latest Gitana, for newly announced skipper Seb Josse. No5 is due in January 2012 is believed to be for a Swiss team (come on Ernesto...) No6 will be launched in April 2012 and interestingly will be for a Moroccan team, believed to be skippered by Tornado and ORMA 60 veteran skipper Fred le Peutrec (more details are due in two to three weeks). “It is the first one, but I’m really happy – it is three years of work and we are no longer a virtual project - this is reality, the start of a new era for multihulls,” Multi One Design Executive Director, Franck David (who in a previous life was the 1992 Lechner gold medallist) enthused to us as we examined Race For Water. Given there has been a profound international recession recently this is one impressive result. It means that six teams are set to be on the start line for the first official MOD70 event, the enigmatically entitled 'Ocean Race', due to take place in July next year. However before that Race For Water will head for Sweden to compete in this year’s