New skipper for Esimit Europa 2

Jochen Schuemann joins the European-flagged supermaxi

Monday May 9th 2011, Author: Gorazd Mauri, Location: none selected

The most successful German sailor of all times, Jochen Schümann, is to be the new skipper of Esimit Europa 2, the only yacht in the world to sail under the European flag. Schümann is two time America’s Cup winner with Alinghi and a quadrupal Olympic medallist and also holds several world and European titles in different sailing classes.

On getting involved in a project which is promoting better understanding among European peoples, Schümann stated: “It is obviously a great honour for me to join this European team. Europe is one of the wealthiest and most developed continents in the world, even though it is also one of the smaller ones. I think that the single European nations are too small if we want to remain competitive in the global development of mankind. Since we are physically living on the same continent, the most logical thing is that Europeans cooperate to achieve a better future. And that’s why we need one boat: we are Germans, Slovenians, Italians, French, Spanish or whatever, but everyone is driving the same boat, the same Europe, and we are driving the continent together in this global development”. Sailing has always been uniting peoples and continents, he is convinced: “It is not against an other continent, it is just about having the best progress, the best performance, because of good collaboration."

“It is a great pleasure to announce the beginning of such a significant cooperation on Europe’s day. It has a special meaning for us”, Igor Simčič, the owner of Esimit Europa 2, stated. “Jochen Schümann is not only one of the world's most outstanding sailors. He is a very noble man, who dedicated his life to sailing as a means of bringing peoples closer to each other. I am genuinely convinced that, with one more acquisition, this team can become history. The Esimit Europa 2 crew will be a living example to all Europeans of what can we achieve if we truly join our forces."

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