Rescue underway

Salvage vessel due at capsized IDEC this morning

Tuesday August 23rd 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: France

Since the unfortunate capsize of Francis Joyon's maxi-trimaran IDEC off the east coast of the US yesterday morning, so skipper Francis Joyon has remained on board the upturned hull as a salvage operation gets underway.

At noon yesterday an American rescue ship came to IDEC's location followed last night by the US Coast Guard ship, the USS Tiger Shark which will remain on station until the end of the salvage operation.

Meanwhile the IDEC Group and its President Patrice Lafargue along with Christophe Houdet from France were coordinated the salvage mission between the CROSS in France and its US equivalent the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Boston, to find a vessel capable of towing the giant trimaran into a US port. A tug of the company Miller Marine Service based in Port Jefferson, Long Island has been en route to IDEC since last night en route. The boat, with three divers on board, should reach IDEC at around to 1300 GMT (ie 0800 local time), then the operation to free the rig and possibly right the boat ready for towing will take place. 

It seems very likely that IDEC to will be towed to Newport, Rhode Island.


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