The Fields on the Global Ocean Race

Jesus Renedo / Global Ocean Race
Ross Field and son Campbell discuss their latest round the world campaign
Whitbread Round the World Race winner Ross Field and his capable son Campbell are back on the round the world race track this week having set sail on Sunday on the Global Ocean Race. Having won the fully crewed race around the planet with Steinlager 2 and then in the inaugural race for the Volvo 60s in 1993-4 with Yamaha, this time the Fields are two handed aboard their Class 40, BSL. Last time we came across Ross Field, he was representing a potential Russian Cup team at a challenger meeting in Geneva when it seemed possible that the 33rd America’s Cup might be held in large monohulls. “I’m trying to get away from home!” he says within earshot of his wife as, down below on BSL, we shelter from Saturday’s torrential rain in Palma, as son Campbell is up to his elbows in the engine box carrying out an oil change. “I’d been working with the Russians for the America’s Cup and I had tried to get a New Zealand campaign for the Volvo out but it was basically totally impossible and I had always looked at Class 40s.” Ross' interest in the class was piqued by fellow Global Ocean Race competitor and French sailing legend Halvard Mabire. Mabire and Field raced together on the Maxi One Designs, as well as their brief participation in the 1997-8 Volvo Ocean Race aboard America’s Challenge, when Mabire was navigator and most recently aboard the Wally Dark Shadow. Son Campbell was also on America’s Challenge and Dark Shadow. “I just thought that firstly the class is very good,” says Field Senior, now 62 of why he's embarking on his latest adventure. “And Campbell was interested. We started talking over a year ago - we’d been chatting away about it and then Campbell came back to New