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Introducing the Pylon light and Deckvest LITE

Monday November 28th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Spinlock has launched two new products.

The Deckvest LITE is the only expert-quality lifejacket especially made for RIBs, fast power craft, inshore and inland sailing, motor boating and other water activities. This is a vibrantly fresh, ultra-light new solution for the faster power and day-sailing applications where lightness and agility really matter, and where features like a built-in harness, emergency light and sprayhood are optional-or never required.

The LITE model shares the same close fit, fast adjustment and distinctive lean profile as Spinlock’s Deckvest lifejacket harness. Its colours, unique tapering shape and anti-snag detailing create a clean and excitingly-different look. The new lifejacket features 170N buoyancy with UML Automatic Inflation, is ISO12402 Approved and has crotch strap stowage.

The Spinlock PylonTM LED Lifejacket Antenna Light deploys automatically should its occupant fall overboard, to give all-round 360° visibility to rescuers.

Wearing an emergency lifejacket light is an essential aid to fast rescue, day or night. But today’s lifejacket lights suffer from the same problem: All of them are intermittently hidden from rescuers due to the MOB being so low in the water.

The Pylon Antenna Light operates at a height of 23cm, above in-water head level. Until the lifejacket inflates it lies flat attached to the lifejacket bladder ready to deploy automatically to its full operating height.

Tests confirm that the Pylon is more easily detected from any distance than conventional lifejacket lights, in all sea and visibility conditions, when viewed from a typical rescue craft.

As well being the only built-in antenna light with all-round visibility, Pylon is the only emergency light that gives early warning of battery discharge. Other lights can indicate that battery and bulb are working – but not for how long. The patented Pylon’s simple test switch will confirm that the light will continue to flash for more than the required 10 hours.

The Pylon light is available as an Spinlock Accessory for easy fitting to any 150N or 275N Lifejacket. It is fitted as standard on every 2012 Spinlock Deckvest 5D

The light has a flash Intensity/Rate of 0.75 Candela at 60-70 per minute and is fitted with a lithium-ion cell allowing it to operate for more than 10 hours.


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