Sam Davies back in the Vendee Globe

Sam flanked by Roger Capitaine and Philippe Daré of Saveol
Photos: Vincent Curuchet
Sam flanked by Roger Capitaine and Philippe Daré of Saveol
The British skipper discusses plans for her campaign with new sponsor Saveol
Sam Davies has confirmed her entry in next year’s Vendee Globe – bringing British participation up to three. Respectible, but still not quite the seven that competed in the 2008-9 event. In a last dive to get to the start line, Sam has hooked a sponsor in the form of Saveol. If that name is familiar, it is because they have until now backed the Figaro campaign of Romain Attanasio, Sam’s partner and father of her child. “It is very frustrating for Romain, because it means he is not going to do the Solitaire with Saveol next year,” Sam told us. “But it was Romain who suggested to Saveol that they should be doing the Vendee Globe. So it is his present to me! Romain is doing the Transat AG2R next year with the CMB Voile boat with Anthony Marchand, who had the Challenge Espoir boat last time, but has now moved up to take Thomas Rouxel’s place on the Credit Mutuel boat. He had already been recruited for that.” According to Sam, when they spoke to the President of Saveol in the summer, he was saying that they hadn’t been happy with the results of a TV advertising campaign and were looking for other options. “So Romain said 'you would be stupid not to consider doing the Vendee Globe with Sam.’ And they thought very seriously about it and through what Roman has been doing with them over the last two years, they have really got into sailing and it reaches the right people. He does lots of sponsor sailing with them as well, with all the people that work there - it is a like a big family.” So Saveol is title sponsor of Sam’s campaign and if you are wondering whether this company is into software, property development, insurance, defence,