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Invictus TP52 leads Onion Patch

Talbot Wilson tots up the ranking following the New York Yacht Club's Annual Regatta

Monday June 11th 2012, Author: Talbot Wilson, Location: United States

Onion Patch Series results are in for the two races of the 158th New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta and they don’t look anything like the results for the overall regatta in Newport. Only the yachts entered in the whole series are included. The Onion Patch combines boats from all seven IRC classes that sailed in two different circles in Newport.

Of the boats doing the whole series - racing in Newport, doing the Newport Bermuda Race and the Royal Bermuda YC Anniversary Regatta - the TP52 Invictus from the US Naval Academy leads the pack going into Friday’s ocean race. The Bermuda leg is weighted 1.25 and is a criticle factor in the final results.

Stark Raving Mad, Jim Madden’s Swan 601 is in second place followed by Lawrence Dickie’s Ker 43 Ptarmigan.

Among the three-boat teams racing for the Onion Patch Trophy the NYYC Blue team of Stark Raving Mad, Temptation-Oakcliff and Dorade lead going into the Bermuda Race with 16 points. NYYC Red has 37 points led by Andrew Weiss’s Christopher Dragon, Carina skippered by Rives Potts and Jim Bishop’s Gold Digger. The USNA team which is third with 42 points includes Invictue, Defiance (NA23) and Swift.

Vamp, Lenny Sitar’s J/44, had a brilliant weekend in the New York Yacht Club 158th Annual Regatta presented by Rolex, but is still 13th in the Onion Patch Series. “I just did what I was told by my tactichian,” Sitar said. “ I had a great crew and they pointed the way to go and I just had to do my job driving the boat. We caught up with the Class 4 boats who strarted ahead of us, so we know we were doing well.”

Sitar and crew came first in class and first in the Blue Circle fleet.

Vamp sailed in IRC Class 5 and on Sunday they sailed in the Blue Circle on the Rhode Island Sound. The White Circle went up Narragansett Bay looking for wind there while the bigger boats went outside.

Rives Potts, skipper of the McCurdy and Rhodes Carina, tied with Sitar for the regatta and both had a first and a second for three points. The official results list Vamp in first and Carina in second. Carina is in 11th place in the series.

On the White Course, Christopher Dragon, Andrew Weiss’s J/122 is sixth in the Onion Patch Series. She was the top boat for the Annual Regatta in that circle. Matt Brooks’ Classic S&S yawl Dorade was the second in the annual Regatta, but stands ninth in the series.

Dorade’s helmsman and local knowledge expert Brad Read said they went left all day. “In Dorade we need to stay out of the middle of these crowded short courses,” he said. “It is too busy in there. We went off to the left and found good pressure and some nice lifts. We were pleased with our perfromance… taking second place after a fifth on Saturday.”



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