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Further set-back for Stamm

As Cheminees Poujoulat damages her hydrogenerators again

Sunday January 6th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

At 0230 UTC this morning Bernard Stamm informed his shore crew that his IMOCA 60 Cheminees Poujoulat had collided with an unidentified floating object while sailing at speed in the mid-Pacific section of the Southern Ocean.

The impact has once again damaged his transom-mounted hydrogenerators, ripping off the one on the port side while the second on the starboard side is also no longer changing. This creates a significant issue for Stamm has he already used up his fuel reserves in the Indian Ocean when he suffered an additional problem with his hydrogenerators.

To conserve power and use what remaining there is to drive the autopilot, Stamm has switched off his comms gear and will call his team with an update later today.

One imagines that the verdict of Stamm's appeal to the International Jury over his disqualification will have a strong bearing on his next course of action. If he is disqualified then he will stop somewhere in the vicinity of Cape Horn and take on board more fuel. If his disqualification is overturned, then he may be looking to make another stop to have another go at repairing his accursed hydrogenerator.

The power is necessary to drive the hydraulic ram to cant the keel, the autopilot, production of water via the desalinator, to receive weather files and ice information, to drive the navigation equipment, wind instruments, log and chart plotter as well as the AIS and radar and the comms equipment such as the VHF and sat phone.


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