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First three Series class home within seven minutes in the Mini Fastnet

Friday June 28th 2013, Author: Catherine Ecarlat, Location: France

The first Series class teams in this Mini Fastnet have arrived in Douarnanez with Ian Lipinski and Charlie Pinot on Pas de futur sans numérique, first home at 15.42 local time, with the next three boats arriving within just seven minutes, after four days of racing!

Upon his arrival Ian Lipinski was immediately thornw in the water by his peers.

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the 700 miles of racing between Douarnenez and the Fastnet and back. The whole way up was marked by the brilliant performance of the female duo Justine Mettraux/Isabelle Joschke onboard Team Work. Thanks to a good course and excellent speed, they managed to pull out a good lead for themselves at times getting up to 5 miles, but at the Fastnet, through a neat tactical move, Arnaud Chaigne and Jean-Loup Chenard on LMS overtook them.

On the long run back to Brittany with a high speed match race between Team Work and LMS right with a group of four or five additional boats, helped by favourable winds, gained on the leading pair.

It turned into a race of speed, gybing and sufing downwind at 12-15 knots through the thick of the night and all through Friday, in choppy seas. The teams gave their all throughout the final hours of the race.

As things stand late Friday afternoon, half the fleet remains at sea. The rest will finish during the night, with the last ones expected in on Saturday morning.

Series classes arrivals (provisional)
1. Lipinski/Pinot (Pas de futur sans numérique) arrived at 3.42pm
2. Chaigne/Chenard (LMS) 15 minutes behind the winner
3. Mary/Chuh ( 19 minutes behind the winner
4. Koster/Beaudart (GO4IT) 21 minutes behind the winner
5. Bouyssou/Mariette (No War) 50 minutes behind the winner
6. Cloarec/Mahé (Lomig) 58 minutes behind the winner
7. Ribocon/Bona ( 1 hour 18 minutes behind the winner
8. Mettraux/Joschke (Team Work) 1 hour 35 minutes behind the winner

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