Leg to Sada canned

Further travesty for the 2013 Mini Transat

Thursday October 31st 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Without doubt the Bay of Biscay has gained the upper hand over the Mini Transat this year. Although the fleet had covered nearly two-thirds of the Bay of Biscay, the GRIB files are showing a further deterioration in conditions compared to those expected at the time of the start. At 19.00 tonight the Mini Transat's Race Director took the decision to cancel the first leg to allow competitors to reach port safely.

Several parameters were involved in the final decision: First was the concern for the safety of the slower competitors, who are often also the least experienced. During the course of the morning the Race Director advised those boats who were still a long way from the finish line in Sada to proceed south towards the coast of north Spain and Gijon where conditions should be much more manageable .

In doing so, nearly 40 competitors immediately decided to proceed to the Asturian port.

Under these conditions the sports aspect of the leg has been undermined. Moreover, although the leading Protos were almost assured of reaching Sada before the arrival of bad weather, the situation was much more critical for the group leading the Series fleet, which were still 90 miles from Sada at 16.00.

Once all boats are safely in port, the organisers will take the most appropriate measures to provide a new start bound for Lanzarote at the first available opportunity.

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