• Solent Forecast | 28/03/2003
    Libby recommends factor 20 this weekend and some interesting possibilities
  • 50 knots or bust | 27/03/2003
    An update on Paul Larsen's SailRocket speed sailing campaign
  • How to keep your head screwed on when it doesn't go your way
  • Weekend weather analysis | 25/03/2003
    Libby goes through the Solent charts from the weekend, explaining the lack of moist air...
  • HISC - Under the skin | 25/03/2003
    Andy Nicholson meets Tim Hancock, the commodore who talks the talk, and who also walks the walk.
  • This weekend's weather | 21/03/2003
    Will the sunshine and light winds stay until Sunday? The Daily Sail meteorologist Libby Greenhalgh reveals all..
  • Your Feedback | 20/03/2003
    Readers of The Daily Sail provide their thoughts on Graham Dalton's dismasting, the Little AC and Roto Moulded 3DL sails
  • Weekend weather analysis | 19/03/2003
    Libby goes over the charts from the weekend and has a look at what could be in store for the next five days
  • Asymmetrics - Lights Airs | 18/03/2003
    Dan Johnson explains his light airs technique
  • The Daily Sail meets Richardson and Greenhalgh
  • Pictorial guided tour on the official opening day
  • Tim Robinson takes us through his approach to windy skiff racing
  • Your feedback | 11/03/2003
    More amusing observations on the Swiss AC win, less amusing on the Little America's Cup
  • Weekend weather analysis | 11/03/2003
    Libby Greenhalgh analyses what actually happened over the weekend in the Solent, plus some handy hints for this coming weekend
  • Angry Australians | 10/03/2003
    The Daily Sail speaks to Damien Smith, designer of the Australian challenger for what was supposed to have been the Little America's Cup