• Nick Rogers | 30/09/2000
    Britain's Olympic 470 helmsman talked to madforsailing about coming fourth at the Olympics
  • Amazing Days | 30/09/2000
    Ed Gorman takes a first look back at a very special two weeks for British sailing
  • Ian Walker | 30/09/2000
    Ed Gorman talked to the double Silver medallist - and madforsailing diary writer!
  • Iain Percy | 28/09/2000
    madforsailing talked to the man leading the Finn standings for Team GBR
  • madforsailing.com's diary writer, Conrad Humphreys, gives his account of a serious 24 hours aboard LG FLATRON
  • Shirley Robertson | 27/09/2000
    Windless Wednesday, Day 11, was a reserve day for the Europes and Lasers anyway, so madforsailing took the opportunity to talk to Shirley Robertson, currently in silver medal position in the Europes
  • madforsailing.com's diary writer, Andy Magrath, has seen some action on LG FLATRON
  • Mark Covell | 26/09/2000
    Britain's Star representative talked to madforsailing after Tuesday's racing
  • Olympic Race Schedule | 26/09/2000
    All the timings for the next two weeks of action on the water in Sydney
  • Simon Hiscocks | 25/09/2000
    madforsailing talks to Britain's first sailing medallist at the 2000 Games (well, he did cross the line before Ian Barker)
  • madforsailing.com's diary writer, Andy Magrath, brings us up to date on the progress of LG FLATRON
  • Medals and misses | 24/09/2000
    Lisa Walker has been out celebrating - the wife of the British Star representative reports from Sydney
  • madforsailing.com's diary writer, Conrad Humphreys, has lost the lead aboard LG FLATRON
  • Sue Crafer | 23/09/2000
    madforsailing.com talks to Sue Crafer, Team GBR's physiotherapist, one of a team of specialists that have helped the sailors prepare for, and through, this Games
  • Climbing the Bridge | 22/09/2000
    Lisa Walker has been trying to take her mind off tomorrow's Star race - husband Ian's debut at the 2000 Games