• madforsailing.com's diary writers, Andy Magrath and Conrad Humphreys, are still leading aboard LG FLATRON, but the pressure is on
  • Ian Walker | 21/09/2000
    Team GBR's Star representative talks to madforsailing.com
  • madforsailing's article on the advanced rig control system fitted to After Hours caused some soul searching by the 'keep-it-simple-faction'
  • David Houghton | 20/09/2000
    madforsailing.com talks to Team GBR's top meteorologist
  • Mark Chisnell introduces another report from madforsailing.com's diary writer, Andy Magrath
  • Madforsailing.com's diary writer, Andy Magrath, reports from LG FLATRON
  • Barker and Hiscocks | 19/09/2000
    madforsailing.com talked to British 49er sailors, Ian Barker and Simon Hiscocks
  • The 49ers start | 18/09/2000
    Lisa Walker's been watching the Sydney harbour racing with her husband Ian, British Star representative
  • Mansfield and O'Brien | 18/09/2000
    Ireland's Star helmsman, Mark Mansfield, talks to Ed Gorman
  • Conrad Humphreys writes from LG FLATRON
  • madforsailing.com talks to Milly Minors, the British team's Olympic administrator
  • The Olympics have begun, but the sailing hasn't, Lisa Walker writes from Sydney
  • New baby from Laser | 16/09/2000
    Looking for all the world like a baby Vortex, the new Funboat arrives at the Southampton Show
  • It's the Olympic Games | 15/09/2000
    Ed Gorman considers what the four yearly extravaganza means
  • The Opening Ceremony | 15/09/2000
    As Ian Walker explained in his final diary prior to the Games, the British Olympic Association rules don't allow him to write for us during the actual event. So now his wife Lisa takes up the keyboard, and gives us her perspective on the Olympic experience; as spectator, supporter, tourist and journalist.