• The old campaigner | 02/04/2002
    Grant Dalton talks about Amer One's progress and clears up a few rumours about the girls
  • Prang without penalty | 31/03/2002
    John Greenland looks at the implications of SEB getting off the hook
  • Sam Davies diary | 29/03/2002
    Sam recounts her first sailing experience on board her new 110ft catamaran Maiden II
  • Leg five photo gallery | 28/03/2002
    Images from the latest episode in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Winners of our prize draw announced
  • Dalton speaks | 27/03/2002
    The old master is hurt but not yet mortally wounded
  • The Tim and Gerry show | 26/03/2002
    John Greenland tracked down two of Britain's unsung heros - Tyco's Tim Powell and Gerry Mitchell
  • Champagne yachting | 20/03/2002
    An elated Jamie Gale reports from the Volvo race leader illbruck
  • From Olympics to Volvo... | 18/03/2002
    John Greenland talks to two men well versed in the art of winning in small boats, but still finding their feet in the world of ocean racing
  • A gripe from illbruck | 14/03/2002
    Crewman Jamie Gale gives his view on collisions with Swedish boats
  • Nick Moloney diary | 14/03/2002
    The intrepid Aussies is now into the South Atlantic on board the maxi-cat Orange
  • Business as usual | 10/03/2002
    Prior to leaving on leg five yesterday Grant Dalton gave some brief comments from the dockside
  • Ross Field comments... | 09/03/2002
    The News Corp co-skipper gives his thoughts on the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Volvo Ocean Race | 08/03/2002
    It's farewell icebergs, welcome to the tropics for leg five
  • In at the deep end | 08/03/2002
    Madforsailing spoke to Amer Sports Too's new chartmeistress, Miranda Merron