• Three point lead | 15/01/2002
    illbruck Watch Captain Stu Bannatyne looks at how the Volvo Ocean Race may pan out
  • Golding the tenacious | 14/01/2002
    Ed Gorman finds out what it is like to live in the shadow of Ellen
  • Head in a bucket | 14/01/2002
    Even Volvo Ocean Race crews get seasick
  • Grant Spanhake | 12/01/2002
    Former Whitbread competitor, currently Team Tyco's sailmaker gives his views on the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Digesting the changes | 10/01/2002
    James Boyd considers the prospects of the revamped Admiral's Cup
  • Volvo feedback | 10/01/2002
    Your comments on the latest protests
  • Our selection of the best images of the Volvo Ocean Race's top
  • Flying the leeward hull | 08/01/2002
    Seriously...madforsailing spoke to former Team Phillips crewman Paul Larsen about his new speed sailing project
  • Ellen assessed | 05/01/2002
    Ed Gorman gives his views on Ellen MacArthur's five year plan
  • Sir Robin Knox-Johnston confirms the route of this year's singlehanded round the world race
  • Assa v the spout | 01/01/2002
    A magnificent photo of the water spout from the beginning of the Hobart Race
  • Crack and you're over | 31/12/2001
    Gunnar Krantz reflects on the loss of SEB's rudder that put them out of leg three
  • Finnish defender | 24/12/2001
    After winning the Sydney-Hobart on line honours last year, Ludde Ingvall is back to defend this title reports James Boyd
  • Fastest man in Australia | 19/12/2001
    James Boyd meets Sean Langman, skipper, owner and incessant modifier of the tabooed Open 60 Grundig Xena.
  • Mark Turner | 17/12/2001
    Ellen's Project Director discusses their plans for the future, life, the universe, etc...